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We are proud to be affiliated with Mistral and Richworth baits, who have been in business for over 25 years.  Both companies make carp boilies and more with total dedication to suit every need, and every budget, whatever the weather and wherever you are. Here we offer you a wide range of Mistral and Richworths bait that can be delivered to UK FREE with over £100 spend or FREE anywhere in Europe with a £350 spend, especially handy if you are booking your fishing holiday through us to get everything sorted in one place. Give us your repeat business and we'll give you a loyalty discount.

Why Choose Us?


After nearly 30 years of making carp bait, Mistral and Richworth are extensively experienced in producing quality boilies, fully tested and produced to a consistent and extremely high standard. The range of carp bait includes the S-Core range, Instant Range, Essential Range and the Specialist Range, featuring the celebrated Rosehip Isotonic Boilies, so you can be sure there is a carp bait for all of your fishing needs. Also stocked is a range of barbel baits, endorsed by Bob Roberts. Angling Paradise are thrilled to offer you these quality baits delivered throughout Europe in days. 

About Us

Dan & Jodie


We have experience running our own lakes and having them fully booked every year since we took over, with a fantastic reputation.  This means we know what owners need to do to make their venues the absolute best they can be, taking pressure off them so they can concentrate on the important stuff.  It means we know what Anglers are looking for and we help put them in touch with exciting new fisheries as well as previously unknown waters, offering a personal bespoke service to help find your perfect options.  

We can provide minibus transport to many venues with optional coaching. We offer basic drive and survive to luxury family venues with private pools, booking individual swims to lake exclusives and everything in between. Affiliations and links to ferries, eurotunnel, travel insurance, bait shop and more will make us the best one stop shop to make your fishing holiday dreams reality, yet completely hassle free. 

We are your Angling Paradise.